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Compactro Shopping Trolley

with Saskia Medd, Benjamin La & Romaisa Farhan

Compactro is a sustainable shopping trolley that aims to improve the customer experience while shopping for groceries. Existing trolleys tend to be large, clunky, difficult to manoeuvre and made from high energy materials. Compactro aims to provide a new and innovative solution to these issues.   

The design has 3 baskets suspended on rungs on an aluminium frame. These have the ability to stack on top of each other in order to become one compact unit. By simply pulling a trigger on the trolley, the user is able to extend it’s height, separating the 3 baskets for easy access and use.


The simple 3 basket design also allows the user to organise their groceries as they shop, making the process faster and more convenient as users don’t have to constantly reshuffle their grocery items to avoid damage.


The more compact, vertical nature of the trolley means you can wheel it around on its 2 wheels with ease, even in busy narrow space environments such as a farmers market. A simple aluminium rest on the opposite side of the frame ensures your trolley won’t fall when stationary.


Once you have finished shopping, the baskets can be easily removed from the frame and stored in your car. No bags are required! Then, you can easily compact the frame on its own, and store it away. When you arrive home, simply extend the frame, place the baskets on the rungs, and wheel your shopping inside.

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